robots for war!!! stop send ing our men!

this is a fake(not really,but really) formal rally to protest sending our troops and to substitute them with robots( doesn't have to be terminator style but needs to be affective, swift and... disposable unlike the LIVES OF OUR MEN!!! i mean most of them probable have families) so.........

any thoughts?

Picture of robots for war!!! stop send ing our men!
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lemonie6 years ago

You have very little idea what you are talking about, and probably just put this together for your own amusement.

TimmyMiller (author)  lemonie6 years ago
okay, explain

p.s. not really following the be nice policy there.

You asked for any thoughts? Those are mine.
If I'm thinking wrong, you can tell me how, but what do you know and why did you post this?

TimmyMiller (author)  lemonie5 years ago
this is a half joke, half serious and though i am only 14 i know more than most kids my age do. this very website we're on right now, has the technology to build the arms and i am sure they have the technology to build the legs. and by the way, i am NOT saying it has to be terminator age robotics, just good enough to be able to walk, run, climb stairs, etc. and as for the torso, well that's probally going to be the easiest part. the head will just house the "eyes".

you getting all this, lemonie?
Today's robots are not so advanced to go out in the battle fields and handle everything by themselves, have you even done some research on this topic, recently a robot has been created which can run, but even it requires support when it's running or else it'll fall over, it's balancing system is not that good, there are like a billion things that need to be considered, it'll have to have so many sensors for everything, even if it falls down, the system required for it to stand up will have to be very complex so it can adapt to it's environment. And the processing power, don't ask about it. Yeah, and one more thing, the COST for a SINGLE robot, I think you got the idea, now to make an ARMY of them, I think you got the idea again.

We are many many years from that age.
Have you tried doing any research on robotic mobility? There is a huge amount of information out there, just waiting for you to find it, read it, and put it together. You will sound much smarter, and be taken much more seriously, if you have some knowledge and information of your own to back up your fantasies.
What's the point when you can be smarter by strategic-bombing and other "smart" weapons?
The whole point of using actual people rather than robots is that they're good at "walk, run, climb stairs", very good eyes, ears etc, super-computer brain.... you don't even have to build them, just buy-in and "tune-up".

lemonie lemonie5 years ago
(People are biodegradable too)
TimmyMiller (author) 5 years ago
again doesn't have to be terminator era, okay?
Kiteman6 years ago
The battlefield is full of robots already, both remote controlled and autonomous.
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