rock tumbler

their should be an instructable on how to make a rock tumbler or do rock tumbler stuff (mabye a rock tumbler week or something, just a sugestion)

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There is
Try my rock tumbler.
I built this one for polishing brass bullet casings for reloading but it also makes a good rock tumbler with the right polishing media.
techwiz247 years ago
I'm making a lego NXT one, with adjustable speed and all that. Posting in maybe a week. Gotta test it first.
LasVegas10 years ago
You may want more than a week though. It takes quite a while to polish rocks.
snipegoat (author) 10 years ago
yay. hoorah for rock lovers. i like your "can do" aditude
CanDo10 years ago
I'm making one, I'll then post the instructable. It will actually be a 'ball mill' used for grinding chemicals as well.