rope hammock

Does anyone know how to go about making a rope hammock? I've seen the diy cloth hammocks, but I am more interested in a hammock that retains its shape when its not being used, like the rope ones do. If someone can create an instructable for this that would be amazing. Thanks

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RavensCraft3 years ago

Popular Mechanics article on how to:

And yet another from 1915 popular mechanics:

Part 1 of the 1915 article here:

LinaK3 years ago I know the question was loong time ago but I am going to make this hammock I think

MadDogKY5 years ago
Try Janns Netcraft which sells material and instructions for tying several types of nets including hammocks. I personally have made several and have altered their pattern to make one longer and wider. It takes about 20 hours or more to make one yourself using their instructions.
Why doesn't anyone do an instructable on that type of hammock?? I'm more looking for how to do the knot at the top. Anyone know how to do that or what it's called?
It's called a 'clew' knot.
theportal6 years ago
If someone gives me money for the approx. 1000 yards of rope it'd take to do this instructable, I'll do it.
oud257 years ago
come on why cant i find this in an instructable
Loki4448 years ago
I have been looking for exactly the same project but seems to be the first thing I couldn't find on the site. I am actually going to try to make on regardless and then make an instructables for it and try to make a hammock chair after that. Will keep you updated.
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