run car radio direct from battery

Hi ppl, I'm new here,been looking and since i found it. I have a question for any1 that has done this b4. I have a car radio, I have a battery, I have speakers, I have a shed to put em in, but how do I connect a car radio direct to a 12v battery? I have wired old ghetto blasters up to it, blown em all up like, so this 1 HAS to work lol. Any help appreciated, but would love diagram lol. Thnx ppl.... P.S. I might also need to know how to wire up the speakers.....

metalmark (author) 10 years ago
It's ok, it was really simple, justa case of red and black wires, then adding the speakers... It works a treat, I might even convert it into one of those stereo boomboxes I've seen. They look cool.
. As metalmark says - "really simple." Just hook the + lead of the radio (usually red) to the + terminal on the battery (I'd recommend using a fuse. 5-10A should work, depending on how big the amp is.) and the - lead (usually black) to the negative terminal. Tah-dah! . If there is more that one red or black wire, the larger diameter wires are _probably_ the power wires. . As to why you keep blowing up ghetto blasters, my guess is that you not matching the voltage required by device to the battery voltage.
Sedgewick1710 years ago
Why do you want to run it off a car battery?You could just use a 120 to 12 volt transformer.
metalmark (author)  Sedgewick1710 years ago
I do not have a 120 to 12v transformer, so this is the simplest and cheapest way i could think of. So do you have advice on how to do it??? Thnx