safe skin dyes

what is the safest way to dye your skin a different color (temporarily or permanently) without poisoning yourself, and/or getting sick from it?

I've stained my fingers with slightly-poisonous malachite, but never got sick from it. in fact, my entire left arm got covered in it, and I felt fine. I never inhaled any, seeing as that's where it's mostly poisonous. so, basically, I just need to know what compounds are safe to apply to skin, and not get poisoned. I need the following 2 colors: Green and Black.

drknotter6 years ago
I'm not sure if it comes in green or black, but henna has been used to dye skin and hair for something like thousands of years, so it's probably the safest way to go. You can find kits online to do it yourself, too.
Kiteman6 years ago
Malachite is copper-based, but I don't think it's actually toxic.

The safest way is probably to wash your skin in food-colourings.