saving instructable pages

how can i save instructables pages and keep the tags on the pictures?

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rocker9455 (author) 9 years ago
not really really bad page layout no java script httrack is the only half decent way to get a decent layout but still no pictures box things with notes in them
Using firefox? If so, just view all steps then hit file save page as....
rocker9455 (author)  xACIDITYx9 years ago
im using firefox and thats what i do but i end up getting some really wierd messed up formatted page of the instructabele

eg -

anymore help ?
View all steps on one page. File, save page as, save page as Web page, complete. It should save the htm file AS WELL AS a folder with all the pictures, scripts, etc. Just make sure you save the files where you want them, then open up the html or htm or whatever file and it should display perfectly.
rocker9455 (author)  xACIDITYx9 years ago
ok trying that now - didn't work .... same as the type as the thing i uploaded ... this is really annoying
Hmm... It works for me.
rocker9455 (author)  rocker94559 years ago
munchman9 years ago
Does saving the page via file > save work?