how many of you are gonna get sbcg4ap or strong bads cool game for attractive people. and what do you think about it do you think it will be fun or will it be a flop?

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knexfan91829 years ago
that was lame srry i didnt like :(
the_burrito_master (author)  knexfan91829 years ago
only a select few do like it. but those people are usually rely awesome. not that you aren't or anything but I don't even know you
knexfan91829 years ago
the_burrito_master (author)  knexfan91829 years ago
Ghostsniper9 years ago
ah, the Strong Bad emails, i havn't seen those since he had the Compy, i didn't htink they would create a game for it
the_burrito_master (author)  Ghostsniper9 years ago
yep, well they did!
Who Knows? I probably wont buy it though, I bet you will be able to play it illegaly off the internet without too much trouble.
yeah I will buy it after it comes out a few days to see if every one likes it.