"scale" crossbow

it hasn't been done before and i intend to be the first! Im working on an instructible for a wooden crossbow that can fire either pencile or a special bolt with a nail tip. cost me under $5:00. Is my first but it is written well, any first thoughts?

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W trouble8 years ago
If its done why dont u post it?
paulm (author)  W trouble8 years ago
was posted aeons ago
brokenbones9 years ago
Hey can u pm me were you got the parts to make the bow? I would like to build one like yours but i want to cusomize it so It can fire real Crossbow bolts... Pm me plz
crestind9 years ago
Please post!
paulm (author)  crestind9 years ago
it is DONE! just search for it; I made the instructible last summer.
unialfred9 years ago
pls put it on soon im english and i luuuurrrrrrvve crosbows and bows
paulm (author) 10 years ago
its done!
assasin10 years ago
bowmaster10 years ago