science fair time- Rubens Tube!

Well, it is science fair time once again and me and my friend have decided to build a rubens tube and test differences between frequencies. Anyways, There are 2 good instructables on the subject and i am not sure which one to pick. We need to start building it this weekend so all the parts must come from home depot or somewhere. any suggestions?

Kiteman10 years ago
Both are good - when I (eventually) get round to building mine, I probably won't follow either exactly, but cherry-pick from both 'ibles and the ideas presented in the comments. Why don't you do the same, then publish your own Instructable on how you turned them into a Science Fair project, and maybe what your teachers said about the work?
zachninme10 years ago
They're really similar. Either one will work ;-)
royalestel10 years ago
the one with flames