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I have been contacted by a member, named scoochmaroo, who tells me she is packaging up a number of origami-related instructables and selling them. She says:


Your Instructable has been selected for inclusion in eBook. We're taking some of our Guides to the next level, and converting them into an eBook format to better share Instructables projects with a wider audience.

You'll get a copy of the eBook, which you can share with friends and family -- especially those with iPads.

You can see a draft of the eBook here:
Before publishing the eBook, I will be writing up a description of the projects and a link back to

We hope you're as excited as us, and wanted to reach out to let you know this was happening.

If you don't want to be included for any reason, please write back and let us know by Dec. 9.
I have declined. When I posted my instructable to this site, I did so under a Non-commercial Share Alike Creative Commons license. I was serious about that. I don't make money off of my work and I don't think anyone else should do so. I think that's not too much to ask.

This scoochmaroo says she is selling her ebook for 0.99 cents a pop. I would like to find out if this ebook has the sponsorship or the blessing of the Instructables site.

Thank you very much for your consideration in this matter.

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I for one would be chuffed to bits if anything I produced were to be included.
If I ever find the time to get started on any of the projects I have in mind perhaps I'll get a look in next time around.
"Chuffed to bits" does that mean you'd be happy or mad? (Sorry for my ignorance).
kelseymh ChrysN6 years ago
Google Is Your Friend. I especially like #3 :-)
I just posted that link too :-)
I didn't notice number 3# though. I love it lol
I just had a look at a few more of those definitions..........
I would go with 1 to 3 & maybe even 4 but after that they are absolutely not what I had in mind lol.


Whoops sorry, I thought most of our common slang had crossed the pond with Eastenders :-)

This may bring a bit of enlightenment
oschene (author) 6 years ago

I'll remove my content.

Rock on.

Kiteman oschene6 years ago
You'll remove your content from where?


Didn't you rad the ToS when you signed up to the site?

The site published an actual paper-and-ink book a while ago. People were falling over each other to be included in the book, for no more recompense than a copy of the book. eBooks [can] get much more attention than paper books, because they can be passed on so easily - why wouldn't you want your work to reach a wider audience?

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