scrap the shotgun...

I have a new idea, it's a crossbow, with 2 differences: has a pump has a mag (if possible) The pump will essentially just be two green connectors spaced apart, with a snapped elastic band round each "wing" and the pump will move up the barrel, and willbe hooked onto the trigger which is in my pistol, the pump is then realeased, and if i can get the mag to work, then one bullet will be pushed up into the barrel, the gun will be fired, the bullet will fly out of the gun, and hopefully return to being hooked into the two green connectors, ready to be pumped again... I will try my best, and since i now have a camera, i will show pictures of my progress (if i have any)

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DJ Radio9 years ago
scrap that and unscrap the shotgun...
yerjoking (author)  DJ Radio9 years ago
you really think i should?
yerjoking (author)  DJ Radio9 years ago
i have made a crossbow though, would you build it if i posted?
How big is it?
yerjoking (author)  DJ Radio9 years ago
bout 1/3 or 1/4 of my, i'm about 5 ft 2
POST THE CROSSBOW right now im working on a sniper and a laptop stand with a crapload of adons and accesorys for a bow AND i gon on vacation sunday BUT im bringing my laptop
yerjoking (author)  masterchrisx39 years ago
new update
really powerful, but works like a crossbow, its a little less silent than the crossbow, but more powerful, shoots any connector, or any rod on a connector, my 2 faves are a grey rod on a yellow connector, or just a yellow connector =]
it only has 1 moving part, the trigger, its the same as my pistol, but the elastic band/s has to be either slightly more, or abit more powerful than the elastic band to fire, or else it just goes poot and wont fire, pics will be up soon, and maybe a vid of its power, from the back of my very large living room, to the doors of my conservatory, the grery rod on a yellow connector can pierce 2 peices of corrugated cardboard all the way through upto the connector =]