sealers and shrinky dink help needed

Hi. I have recently started to make shrinky dinks again as a fun project to do with my 4 year old daughter. I would like to make charms and make them into jewelry but I have no idea how to seal them properly. I want the images to stay exactly how we made them and also be safe to wear and get a little wet. Does anyone know any kind of sealer that would work? I’m using colored pencils and sharpie permanent markers. All suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thank you!

I use crazy glue, but sometimes the darker color pencils smear due to the brushing, so for anything I make as a gift or for selling I'm gonna look for a clear spray-on sealer.
You could dip them in clear cast resin, varnish or give them a couple of coats with clearcoat - even clear varnish would probably work alright.

Though whichever you go with check it doesn't act as a solvent for sharpies, otherwise it might make the image bleed a bit...
bellarachel (author)  killerjackalope7 years ago
thanks. I went to home depot today and the guy working in the paint department showed me a clear coat spray paint. i'm gonna try that and see if it works.

i tried resin and it didn't come out good. it worked on REALLY tiny pieces, but anything bigger than a nickle or dime it left streaks and started to make the markers bleed.

how do i know if it's a solvent for sharpies?
thanks for the help
Write with sharpie on a test piece and spray, if it bleeds then it's a solvent - if you go in really thin coats it should still survive OK though...