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seaarch bar appears to be missaligned and doenst work when i hit enter

Hey Linkster999,

Thanks for the email, but please respond here so other people can help too.

What I was asking is if you see the incorrect search bar on the home page, or if you just see it like that when you're looking at instructables.

The reason I asked this, is because if you have a problem with the second, I've already let the people here know about it and they're working on it.

If it's a problem with the first, you have to tell me how I can find it and figure out how to replicate it.

Hello again Linkster999.

The only reason I'm seeing the emails that you're sending to our info account, is because the robot is on it's game. If you keep replying to these posts via email, there's a very, very good chance I won't see it. If you've responded to people posts via email that don't work at instructables, I can pretty much guarantee you that they won't see it.

The problem that you're seeing we know about. It only seems to happen on project pages. You can see a post about it here.

Please don't reply to the email you get sent by our robot. Follow the link you get sent back to this forum topic and click the reply link on the post. If you don't do that, there's a good chance I won't ever see what you're sending me.

Kiteman5 years ago
The dev team will need to know what browser you're using (and what version), and would also appreciate a screenshot of the problem.
And if you can mention were on the site you're seeing this? Home page versus project page kind of thing.