searching for a pump that can handle pudding

I dug through a few forums, trying to decide which this was best suited for.
I settled on tech since its a physical computing project.

I'm looking for a resource for a water pump that can handle something like pudding.
the initial thought was use an air pump and a bag or maybe have the bag be squeezed closed but i need it to cycle through.  Like a water fountain of pudding!
The pudding spurts out, then there is also an intake which is recycling the goop.

Does anyone have a resource on pumps which could handle something so thick?  (and since its a small scale project, cheaply and small!)

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Search for Food grade pump...
Use a syringe pump. Disposable plastic syringes work fine and you can get them at any drug store. Operate it with a motorized gear motor driven lever assembly. Add two small aquarium check valves and you have got yourself a really cool pump. You could even use more than one syringe to smooth out the pudding pulses.
gjclimer (author)  biochemtronics5 years ago
Im trying to visualize exactly what you mean. The syringes, got it. but thats not recycling the content of the pump.
The second part is where i think you are describing how the liquid would get back into the syringes to be circulated again and i'm not sure i'm following the chain of events. is there a link to something similar? or can you describe it more?

As an added bonus: i've switched the pudding to cake sprinkles. Currently they are suspended in mineral oil (its the only thing they didn't dissolve in that was clear. so messy.) Did a test with a drill pump, it pulverized them. The turkey gravy pump described below was too much flow, so i have to just scale that back and try it again.
but i'm open to as many options as possible and your syringe pump idea has me wnting to explore this option too.

thanks everyone!
I could not find a picture of what I am suggesting so I made one in Paint. That along with a better explanation may help. The first thing to do is to find some way to pull the plunger back and forth in the syringe. A small gear motor with a lever connecting the pulley on the gear motor to the plunger on the syringe would be the simplest way to do this. You will have to use a high ratio gear motor (400:1 or higher) because a direct drive motor will operate way to fast and won't have enough power to operate the plunger with fluid in the syringe. Next you need to control the flow of the fluid. The simplest way to do this is with two check valves. The kind used with aquarium air tubing should work great. Most pet stores carry these. Mount it all on a piece of wood using straps and hose clamps and you have got yourself a syringe pump. Good luck and I hope this works for your project.
Check valve.jpgpUMP.png
I decided to do an instructable on this syringe pump idea. Here is the link.

lemonie5 years ago
Use a peristaltic-pump, or otherwise a screw.

gjclimer (author) 5 years ago
THANK YOU!!! i wont have time till this weekend to explore more. But this all sounds promising.
I think after years of membership I have found my first instructables post...... Ive got some messy exploring ahead of me.
Ill report back here what i find. Any other suggestions, keep adding them!

Kiteman5 years ago
Centrifugal pumps might work?

They can cope with paper pulp, so pudding should be OK.
+1 My thought exactly
kelseymh5 years ago
Look at chocolate fountains, for example.
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