self tying shoelace

ok i know im gonna get alot of crap cause people hate it when i ask them this but the self tying shoelace i dont really feel like spending 20 bucks 4 that and ive been doin magic 4 awhile like 3 years and i just wanna know how to do it if you dont feel like syin it you can emial me at thanks

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I used to do magic. I once was all intrested in magic to entertain,meet people, and make some friends. As I kept meeting new people, I realized most of the people (Well in my area) are complete @**holes. Now I'd rather just spend my time alone. Man, I can't belive how much money I've wasted.... I've bought In the beginning there were coins Liquid Metal Spun Banchek psi series # 1,2,3,and 4. Criss Angel levitation Ghost Vision Saw Explicit Content Body Morphing Thumb tip Brainwave Psychokinetic Silverware and much,much,much more...................
whats ghost vision?
$14 for that trick? Looks like you just stick a silhouette on a finger.
Well, it's a good trick, and as long as it made me happy (at least for a while) it's worth it.
A.C.E.10 years ago
self tying shoelace revealed.found it!! just go here and watch the video.
LasVegas A.C.E.10 years ago
Lame video, but the comments explain the trick.
I think its like those snap on bracelets, and it doesn't actually tie. I think it just snaps back to its original position when shaken, maybe?
trebuchet0310 years ago
Blah... I can't understand :( My brain... fizzled - interpreting skills gone.... KAHN!
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