semi-auto gun system

Hey people, I found this system for a semi auto gun. I used to built lego guns with this system (I also built a full-auto with that) and I've been trying to use it in a knex gun, but I cannot work it out really good. So does anyone how to use this kind of system on a knex gun. It works like this: You pull the trigger, the spring gets pushed forwards, the spring is compressed against the ammo, but the ammo is clicked(I dont know how to call it maby stucked). When there's enough pressure the ammo will break loose and fly away because of the power of the spring. Thats all,

Picture of semi-auto gun system
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Ok this is going to be hard. Im not going to make one but i can give you a few tips. Use a black connector that looks like a broken grey connecter(without the top of the circle) These a exellenct for ''clicking'' in bb's. Then the trigger part. You have to change a force that moves backwards into a force that moves forwards. The most common way to do this is using a pivot point. Get a orange connector and put a white rod in the middle. The lower half of the connector can be used as the trigger while the upper side is for pushing the spring....
Mepain10 years ago
i made a lego gun with this almost exact same mechanism.
Infinnion (author)  Mepain10 years ago
Do you have a picture of it?? I know you made the deconstruction revolver, but I want somebody to make a knex gun with a clip and a use of a spring so it gets more power.
Mepain Infinnion10 years ago
legogun 001.jpglegogun 002.jpg
Mine uses a slide-based bolt-locking system, which could be easily adapted to use rectangular ammo in a semi-auto fashion
cool gun
all i can say is wow! its hard to made lego guns so will u please post it or will mepain poist his
Infinnion (author)  Danny10 years ago
Its not that hard to make
a lego semi auto (link to lego semi-auto with instructions).
bedbugg210 years ago
i have made a semi auto out of knex!
Perfect Duck10 years ago
Looks like exactly the same concept as mepain's deconstruction revolver.
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