semi-steampunk garden?


Can any of you think of a way you can replace (electrical)machines in a garden with its mechanical equivalence, while at the same time making its replacement low maintainance?

It can also be decorations. Basically create mechanical stuff that looks good in a garden.

Some devices that may be workable:

+ A water timer that uses a mechanical clock that powers a mechanical valve, and its mainspring is recharged every time the water rushes though it.

+ A passive water pump that is made of a black plastic water bottle and two valves. When hot, the air inside pushes water out. When cool, new water is pulled in by the cooling air. It can be used to pump water slowly to a 'not' so high location.

+ A sterling engine can be used as a more active solar pump to pump water to a higher location, however its use of moving parts means it more likely to break down than the 'passive pump'. If it requires a kick start to run, then place a mini turbine to provide the starting force.

+ Use the above pump to create a fountain

+ Perhaps as a replacement of solar powered markers, get some crystal that emits light when shaken("which quartz i forgot..."), and get it to shake around automatically.

+ Mechanical garden music box would be a nice addition(wind powered music box). Double points if its either reprogrammable, or plays a different instrument such as drums.

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kooyma7 years ago
how about making a Japanese "Shishi Odoshi" (or that reversed- I can never remember) out of copper pipes- brass fittings, aluminum bands and stainless screws could look very Steampunk given the right accessories- how about cutting the base out of a beat-up glass bottle- allow rainwater to collect & use as a rain gauge or leave it intact with just a bit of water sealed in so it steams up and condenses on it's own....old chemistry glass would be fun. an old "bunsen burner", solar yard lights can be gutted and the bulbs used as "flame"- divert the air from your clothes dryer to move something light, use a rain water collection drum as supply to your fountain: drum up on cinderblocks- very thin tubing- with "faucet control" you may be able to adjust flow- or use that force like the suction from a faucet aspirator in chem class?  the dippy bird concept?  I'd love to see pictures of your end product!
It would be cool to steampunk up one of these.
stock 010.jpg
Y'know I have a full sized to steampunk that...
A full sized what?
First step, remnufacture the blades from brass, then convert the derrick into some sort of "War of the Worlds"ish articulated tripod.
Yeech, think I'll pass... >_<
I think our rather beaten and abused smaller version is still in the back yard, don't know about full steampunkage but definitely something interesting could be done with it...
pojojuniper8 years ago
This will probably make arborists and other "nature" purists call for my head on a platter, but I am slowly making a steampunk garden in my front yard. A couple of years ago I wedged a large, thick gear between two branches and it has started to grow right into the tree. I am also doing the same thing with an old firegrate. It's looking pretty awesome.
its not too cool for the tree ya know
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