septum piercing

i want to pierce my own septum but i am not exactly sure how.. can someone explain?

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Pbyrd7 years ago
A septum piercing is NOT something you want to do by yourself. You really shouldn't pierce anything by yourself unless you're a trained piercer and have the proper equipment, and even then I would go to a piercer just to be safe. So I'd recommend just going to a piercer to get it done.
Kiteman9 years ago
bumpus Kiteman9 years ago
Hmm, would the gods smite me if I flagged this as spam?

best be not to test them :D
Kiteman bumpus9 years ago
The gods might not smite you... ;-)
Bran9 years ago
You'd be way better off getting that done professionally.
NachoMahma Bran9 years ago
. I agree. Just too many things that can go wrong, especially if you have to ask. At least find someone that has done the procedure a few times to do it for you. If you want to try self-piercing, I'd start with an ear lobe or navel. . Whatever you end up doing, make sure ALL your tools are sterile.
Last I heard, self-piercing can get you excluded from being a blood donor for life. Guess they're worried about hepatitis etc, and it's better to leave out the possibly bad ones at the start rather than let them donate, test, and have something they dispose of as hazardous medical waste before putting them on the "do not use" list. Check with your local Red Cross (or whoever does blood donations outside the US), they keep track of the "good" piercing places that they don't worry about, if you go someplace else you may be deferred from donating for a year or so. If the place is so good they're not worried about your blood contaminating someone, then they're good enough to trust to pierce you.
We provide our customers with signed affidavits. The red cross will give you one to bring us if you're a regular donor. Then we fill it out with our license # from the health department. Most professional tattoo and piercing shops can do this.
I think it's only 6-12 months in the UK, but you may need to get tested for Hep-C.
Well, you can donate every other month, after breaking down the whole blood into components perhaps four can be helped from just one donation. Six months is perhaps twelve people you could have saved. Get a tattoo or piercing, get a disease, hundreds may be lost in your lifetime due to your moment of vanity. Ah, perspective.
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