servo motor

ok i was wondering if anyone can send me a parts list and very detailed directions and how to make a compact servo that i can make lift 150lbs and yes i know its a dawnting task  but i have fait in yee becuz idk how to do it myself :\ but whom ever does this will be listed on my finished product and credited on my product thank you and good luck :)

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Not enough information.
150 lbs how far how high
you might be able to use a servo from an old satilite or a grage door opener.
And how fast? Gear it down far enough and you can lift a whole lot. Have a small gear on the motor drive shaft driving a large gear attached to a drive wheel. i.e. if you are building a model of a human elbow, you can lift more if it can move slowly.

The more specific you can be, the better advice you will get.
prini (author)  oldmicah4 years ago
i need the strength plus the robot able to run at 25mph i know that alot to ask for if you can give me a plan,parts and instructions on how to assemble the motors ill figure out the rest
OK you want something like a strong battery powered electric drill keep the gears and replace the chuck with a threaded rod the finer the thread the more power but less speed and of course a nut to fit the threaded rod. Fix the nut to the forearm just past the elbow and the motor and gears mid bicep. Run the motor one way arm straitens run the motor the other the elbow bends.
prini (author) 4 years ago
ok well its for a robot made exactly like a human so it has to be able to walk and move exactly like a human