shelf couch

I have a fairly barren room with two windows on one wall, and I would like to make a low bookshelf underneath the windows that will also be wide enough for a pseudo-couch to lie down on for reading and other relaxing activities. I took more time making the paint drawing below than this post, so APPRECIATE! Thanks 8D

Picture of shelf couch
Schisler7 (author) 9 years ago
That's is very true and I'll take it into account, but I am 6' 2" and the windows are pretty sturdy.... but anyways, laying down on it was also part of the plan haha
Goodhart9 years ago
yeah, I would have to agree with Caitlinsdad here. Especially about the windows as backrests. An open window, or a weak one, could have you outside quite unexpectedly, and maybe with a lot of broken glass to boot.

It is normally pretty uncomfortable to sit that high up from the floor, unless you happen to be 6' 8" or so in height :-)
wwnormando9 years ago
My advice... get a new room! Ha ha. The best way to make this is to test it out by buying an old bookshelf from a garage sale and going at it. If you screw it up, you haven't lost anything really valuable so its your best bet.
caitlinsdad9 years ago
If 30" is the height of your bookshelf, that is as tall as a regular desk. It will be too high if you want to lean against the window and use as a normal couch or seating. Your feet would be hanging off the shelf and would have to climb up there. You many want to maybe build 2 taller sides and have a lower middle for seating so you can have something to prop back pillows against like a chaise chair.