shock of a 9volt battery

Have you ever put a 9volt battery on your tongue? You will get a shock, or a charge on your tongue. How come if you put it on your finger or arm, you can not feel the same charge? How can I get that charge to be felt on your finger?

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spryor71 (author) 10 years ago
Thanks, awesome! I looked at radio shack.. would a 12v 2amp work or would it have to be 20volts to feel it?
Bran spryor7110 years ago
Oh, and 2 amps would be quite a shock. Just remember, DC current gives a nice *ZAP*. AC current will give you a shaking sensation.
doesn't 7 amps across the heart kill?
when i wax 7 years old i got shocked by a 6v batttery pack it dosent hurt i just shook alot
Bran spryor7110 years ago
If you could make a Van de Graaff generator, you could generate (from a standard size one) a couple hundred thousand volts, though it would be at a very low amperage. And it would be a bit loud, if you didn't want you target/victim/guinea pig to know what was going on.
w00ty32 Bran10 years ago
Have you actually zapped a guinea pig.....?
Bran w00ty3210 years ago
LOL! I think you misunderstood me; I meant guinea pig as in "lab rat", not the actual rodent (or whatever it is).
w00ty32 Bran10 years ago
LOLz Oops, i did... and ya, they are rodents. Cuz that would be kinda cruel, actually zapping the rodent Poor hypothetical guinea pig being zapped T_T
Lftndbt w00ty3210 years ago
LoL that was great... ;) "poor hypothetical guinea pig being zapped"
VIRON10 years ago
NOT LIABLE: Cut the output plug off a 9 Volts AC (not DC) wallwart and briefly touch the wires to a battery but don't plug it into an outlet. Is anything interesting "going on"?
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