should BM make the ADS out of knex

I have been trying to convince BM to make this for a while now and decided to start a poll to see if I could convince him to build it. Here is the wiki article  HERE Put a yes or no answer below,some reasons of why you said yes/no would also be nice =)

Picture of should BM make the ADS out of knex
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Johnhall14 (author) 4 years ago
I vote yes =P
I have never heard of the ADS...
That's why I picked it,it's unique =)
How much do you know about it? (I don't mean this as a mean question, I just want to know what you can tell me about it...?)
I recall looking it up a couple weeks ago. When I'm bored I'll randomly go from article to article on firearms to keep myself occupied at work during downtime. It's a Russian AR designed to succeed the APS. It can fire the standard AK-74 cartridge but it also can fire a new cartridge roughly the same shape but designed for use underwater. The point then is versatility. It also has an integrated grenade launcher because lolRussiaWhyNot? You can learn a lot on too. That's where I usually go after Wikipedia.
Man, the more and more I learn about you, the more and more I think you and I would get along (in real life). Thanks for the info, that was all very helpful, and I find it all terribly interesting. XD, "lolRussiaWhyNot" should be a hash-tag link.

Oh I figured as such given our appreciation for real fire arms. When I first started K'nexing, I figured I'd be a replica maker. But after the UMP, I just accepted I didn't have the pieces to make anything bigger and lacked the eye for detail to perfect anything smaller.

I can imagine where that'd go. "Today I ride bull, big bull, and drink vodka...much much vodka."
Yeah, that is probably true. I don't know if you have heard of Martin J. Dougherty's book "Small Arms Visual Encyclopedia," but if you have not I suggest you get it. I spent about $20 on Amazon and got a amazing paperback copy about 6 months ago, and I have not stopped reading it since. The ISBN number is 978-1-907446-65-8. I really do suggest you get it.

You have gotten more K'NEX pieces since the UMP, right?

XD, #lolrussiawhynot
I give it a peak.

I have indeed, but only more yellow connectors, green rods, and white rods. And I have plenty enough money to get any more of any piece I wish. But after being limited for so long, my building style is to be minimal and neat, so really the extra pieces would just help me add a proper stock for example. And then I had/have so many ideas but just can't quite figure out how to build them.

I still have to laugh at how they made a dedicated mini grenade launcher special to the AK-74u. #lolrussiawhynot
Please do.

Oh, O.K., you know, I would really love to see you building+posting again. It really would make my day. Or my week... All of what you said makes sense, I wish I was like that.

As to the special grenade launcher dedicated to the AK-74u, I never heard about that, but all the same... XD

But, just like you said: "It also has an integrated grenade launcher because #lolrussiawhynot?"
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