should I post ramp and grind rail?

should I make an instructable for a nice DIY bike ,skateboard, roller blades, ect. ramp and a simple sturdy skate board or roller blade grind rail?

1-3 are of the ramp obviously that i made quite recently.
4 is of the grind rail its like a year and a half old so its really beat up it was a lot better new ,and i figured out a better way to build it.

here is the ible so far tell me what ya think

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are you soupposed to just ride on the rail?
mmhhmm its a grind rail. so yeah.
popomaster9 years ago
how come the instructables doesnt show up on your main page?
the_burrito_master (author)  popomaster9 years ago
I never published it yet because I never finished it.
i can stull go to the link though. why is that?
the_burrito_master (author)  popomaster9 years ago
because I sent you a direct link that any one can get to it with.
Kevvixx9 years ago
Heck yeah! Some of my friends and I are making a couple of ramps this summer a big one, and if we use your idea then we could scale it up to make it bigger.
the_burrito_master (author)  Kevvixx9 years ago
yeah you can make one 4 ft tall with my guide.
Yes, looks good, I was thinking of making a linear one, no curve for a specific purpose... I'm going to jump something in my street, only it may end in death... Also kiteman's law applies, thou shalt post, I'll dig out the link...
lol don't die on us.
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