should i make this an instructable?

i've made a knex boat that has a wireless motor that i made(i will make the wireless motor an instructable). i'm not sure if i should make it an instructable or not so please coment "yes"or"no".

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smidge1479 years ago
are you saying no because you think its dumb, because you dont think there is any interest, because you disagree with kitemans law or because its not a gun?
"because it's not a gun" is a good reason for posting it ;-)
seconded. btw: like my new avatar?
Quite appropriate...
what do you mean by that?
To the site

Sheesh, some people are so touchy!
ohh. okay. that makes sense. sorta.
Sun Gear (author)  tech-king9 years ago
very nice and a bit funny unless its you in the picture
no its not me. i hope it never becomes me.
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