should i post this instructable (sword)

i was just wonder if i posted something like this would it really help anyone out. in the instructable i will be showing u how (i)to make this. 

Picture of should i post this instructable (sword)
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markandrews7 years ago
Hi i am mark and i am so glad to be part of this community
dpsilver (author)  markandrews7 years ago
then let me welcome you to this community 
dpsilver (author) 7 years ago
 hey people i am going to post this soon but i have exams shortly so that is preventing me from completing work on the instrucable but from the looks of the picture my blade could use a new sheath
ERCBIENG7 years ago
 that would be really cool!
hawkfrost647 years ago
BluTiger7 years ago
You should period. others will get ideas from your idea.
Good point. You really should before someone else does... 
Baddi7 years ago
 hell ya post it
Am-Nuel7 years ago
just do it
dpsilver (author)  Am-Nuel7 years ago
yup im working on it 
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