sidearm of mine

This is some handle loaded pistol I made today whilst I was in bed 'ill.' Yes, it occasionally jams, but the power makes up for that.

Picture of sidearm of mine
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yannyboy9 years ago
please post
TheDunkis9 years ago
Lol about time we seem a side arm out of you dsman(loosewire) and I really did start a new generation of guns. Looks pretty cool. The barrel is completly original unlike how most side amr builders make their guns. Want to compete on in my side arm competition? This would do awesome for sure!
What's this? Are you saying that Dsman used to be Loosewire? Or have I misunderstood?
No I was just saying that Dsman started up the age of Side arms but technically Loosewire was the first ( I think) to make a decent repeatings pistol and dsman took the handle idea from him.
Yeah, it was Loosewire who first made a handle loading slide gun.
no, but i used the handle idea from loosewire on my sidearm.
ironman699 years ago
looks a little like my silver gragon/D.eagle