silicone stuff

Long time listener. First time caller. Excited to be on your show guys.

What I would like to do is make my own silicone bracelets / bands. Like Lance the liar Livestrong bands. But cooler.

I've seen lots of posts on creating silicone molds. I think I can figure that part out. What I haven't found is a discussion on molding stretchy, rubbery silicone stuff. In my case - wrist bands. 

Anyone here have an idea on what to use and how/where to purchase? I chatted with the kids at Make Your Own Molds and they were helpful on making my mold. But they couldn't recommend a site to buy the silicone for the bands.


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theres this stuff called zubber

it molds like clay at first then as it drys to turns to rubber like the kind your looking for
look at the kids toys at wal mart it may have it
caitlinsdad4 years ago
You could just use the silicone caulking that you get at any hardware store/home center. It would be limited on colors unless you find out how to tint or color it correctly. The commercially made bands may have extra secret ingredients for added stretch. And you have to figure out a good release agent to keep the silicone from bonding to the silicone mold. Good luck.
wiinkme (author)  caitlinsdad4 years ago
Thanks for the feedback - I did some small experiments with "kitchen caulking" and it wasn't even close to right. I used the white stuff...maybe I grabbed the wrong type? It simply didn't have much stretch or strength before it ripped apart.
The regular caulking is either latex based or the more expensive 100% silicone which cures gassing off a vinegar smell.  You might need to find industrial suppliers of this Seems the good stuff is heat set and comes in two-part mix.
wiinkme (author)  caitlinsdad4 years ago
That's sort of where I saw it headed. Was just hoping there was some kind of substance that's more easily handled and managed that got me from here to there.
Caulking mix tears under stretching far more easily than the mix of wristbands...