silver casting mould

anyone help me here..I have a wax master of a signet ring. If i use lost wax casting i will lose my original....This i do not want. Is there a mould making stuff that i can press the ring into leaving a negative to fill with silver.....

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depending on the ring you could do a two sided plaster mold, however the ring would get stuck if there where any in croppings. Another way you could do it i to put a steel rod the same diamter as the inside of the ring through the middle of the wring. then place it face down, the part with the signet and make a plaster mold of that half. then of the other half, and cast the silver with the steel rod or some other materieal in its place.
John Smith10 years ago
You could possibly make a two part plaster cast of your wax ring thing. Mix one batch of plaster of paris, and put the master wax ring halfway down into thewet plaster, and let it cure. Then, coat the half with petroleum jelly, and mix another batch of plaster. Pour this over the first layer of plaster, and let it cure. release the mold, and open it. take out the wax master, and close the mold again. Pour wax in it's place, and let it harden. Open the mold, and take out the wax copie. Use it to make casts. I have no idea if that made sense, but I have to go to school, and I don't have time to say more. Hope that helped!
I am doing exactly that (didn't use petroleum jelly, but if that works it might brake open easier, mine took a lot of force) for part of an instructable coming up.
Okay, I'm looking forward to it.
Vendigroth10 years ago
There's quite a few silver casting instructables you could refer to. another option os to make a mould of your ring in silicone rubber, and make as many masters as you want.
Really? I havent seen any.
Honus did one. For the laser-cutter contest.
I'll look for it, thanks.
Kiteman10 years ago
If you're really nervous about messing up your master, take it to a professional jeweller (not a high-street jeweller, a proper artist that makes their own stuff) to make the ring for you. If you have old silver jewellery, they will happily use that as a raw material, keeping the cost down for you.

I made the mistake of buying my wife a wedding ring that was softer than her engagement ring, and it wore to a sharp edge. We designed out own ring, with a gentle curve to fit around the engagement ring, and it just took a couple of days for a local artist to get from sketch to finished ring. The only real delay was getting it hallmarked again (it had to go off to an assay office to be done).