silver casting

has anyone ever cast silver into cuttlefish bones/shell. Ihave a wax original which i dont want to lose in the lost wax process.

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Patrik9 years ago
Here's an instructable from a professional, on this exact topic:

Making a custom Platinum Diamond engagement ring

I could have taken this ring directly into the "lost wax casting " process, but I decided to make a mould first.

Sometimes in the casting process, their may be a casting failure, where the item doesn't cast perfectly. By making a mould, I can create duplicates of this ring.

If the first wax produced, fails to make a good platinum cast, I can simply go to this stage and create another wax model using the mould.

During the "lost wax casting " process, the wax is lost in the process when it melts in the kiln. By making a mould I wouldn't have to re-carve the model should a failure occur.

I use a simple two part RVT silicone moulding compound when I create my moulds.

odrarek9 years ago
In order to use the bones system you must use press to make the mold, in this way you can destroy the wax model, anyway you can do several things, 1 make a sand casting 2 make a gypsum mold, aftherthat you can make a casting in this mold. 3 make a wax lost process, afterthat with the first metal model you can make a rubber or silicon mold for make many wax models , with it.
maninamousesuit (author) 10 years ago
i know..I never did this before..but im trying to look at it in the abstract..malleable substance with fine grain and heat proof.
maninamousesuit (author) 10 years ago
Sorry..Thisb is a silver ring i amakinmg for my goth son..Sand just wont hold the detail....I heard that cuttlefish shells are good buit i think the shape of the ring is too complicated for it
. Ah. Then I have no idea. The only casting I've done was in high school shop class, back in the '70s, and we weren't making jewelry. :)
NachoMahma10 years ago
. Does this help any? If the original is not too complex, a two-piece sand mold may work.