single shots VS mags.......

ok, I want an opinion on which is better: single-shots, or guns with mags?

so far........

6 single shots, 7 mags

arguments to help out



-faster to load
-get better range
-easy on knex parts
-easy to build


-you need to constantly reload after every shot



-more ammo
-less reloads


-more prone to jamming and misfiring than single shots
-take longer to reload

judging from these arguments, and ones i forgot to mention, which is better?

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TigerNod9 years ago
Single shots are better. Imagine: what if you would ban all single shots from this site? No IAC cannon, no SR-v1, no other snipers (of course there are, but they are not powerful at all), and most important, ONLY STUPID BLOCK TRIGGERS! Don't want to have that, err? Mags will always jam, for sure. I must say that the Red impact by perfect duck has increased the reliability of mags rapidly, but it is still much less powerful then single shots Conclusion: Vote for Obam... I mean, for single shots!
DJ Radio (author)  TigerNod9 years ago
Mags own! I am making a mag that is easily detachable and can be reloaded easily. Conclusion: Vote for McCai... I mean Mags!
Lol. I must say that the mags are into a revolution (unlike the republicans, who are in a dip >:-)). The decapicitated connector has been the greatest improvemint so far. But still, mags have problems like: the rods don't fall into the barrel, the rods fall left of the barrel, they are stuck in the mag, or they are blocked by the barrel. And they are less powerful because of the friction. I stick around at my single shots!
Mags are getting better all the time... I just made a mag that never jams, on a pistol!
Sounds interesting... Have you posted it yet?
No, But it will be out after my T36
Can you tell me something about that T36?
It's posted! 250+ foot range!
DJ Radio (author)  Der Bradly9 years ago
and you said you liked single shots better............ oh well.
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