site question

Recently my latest "make" I shared here won the honor of being Featured.
Thanks by the way.  :)
I also won a premium service for 3 months as a result.
My question is, after it expires, will my account go back to its original state? or will it be frozen?
I like to know these things before I go further since I had this happen to me at another site. Also I kind of like my account and it would be disappointing if my current account would get messed up.

Thanks. :)

canucksgirl5 years ago
As far as I know, you'll just get notified that the pro is about to expire, and then you'd go to a non-pro status. HOWEVER, you now have 3 months to write another feature worthy Instructable and continue on in this manner indefinitely. (That's what I've done). :)
Treasure Tabby (author) 5 years ago
Thank you for the reply's guys. Very much appreciated. :)
Think about a yearly subscription too as a pro....when it was first offered, I signed up for 2 years immediately and haven't felt any regrets about it at all.
mh76dk5 years ago
I was once given a pro-membership. and as canucksgirl said, you get email warnings that it is about to expire, once it expires it reverts back to a non-pro account - nothing changed, i even got to keep the patch i gave myself :-)