skateboard tips?

yeh another thing im getting in to any tips for me? things i know how to do: stand on it it stear blance get going keep going and i got to get me some cash for clothesand shoes(i have some old airspeeds im using)

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sharlston7 years ago
the slacker the kingpin nut is in the middle of the trucks the more you can turn when you lean
the first trick you should learn is an ollie, the base trick for most other skateboarding tricks, check these links to learn how (because i cant really explain very well)

contact me for more tips about anything skateboarding
and thank you knexsniper1 for mentioning me
your welcome!
thanks ill start doing that
I agree, you need to learn to ollie first, as well as manualing. You can base most other tricks off of those two things. :)
thanks im still trying to ollie its sorta hard with a spranied wrist and knee and now i have another sprained wrist
You should probably lay off it for a while, then. Rest up and try again. You won't be able to do much of anything when you're sore, and you might just hurt yourself worse! :(
lol, a sprained wrist? try a crack in your skull! i have one right now! i fell from 7 feet onto tile floor, on my head :( it hurt
yeh im not gonna skate board for the rest of the week to get better
It's a good idea. You're too young to be putting that much strain or your body. :D
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