ok, well im buying my first board and need help on how to choose one, which makes are the best and so on any help would be appreciated and im wanting to buy of ebay i live in the uk so thanks

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Baron A10 years ago
srry bout uncle............ so you are a thrasher now? lol
Danny (author)  Baron A10 years ago
yeh metalhead/thrasher i like a lot of trivium and they are thrash
Baron A Danny10 years ago
i just like skatin' i aint got a class like emo or thrasher or whatever hategirl class that loosewires got im a normal guy......YAY!
Danny (author)  Baron A10 years ago
skaterboy/girl =/
Baron A Danny10 years ago
skater boy........?
smidge14710 years ago
if your a beginner then theres not point getting a super amazing board you might as well settle for a £60 deck you can get them from if you live in the Uk
whatsisface10 years ago
Bearings-wise try looking for ABEC-5 Bearings. They're some of the smoothest available and mean you can ride faster.
Danny (author)  whatsisface10 years ago
is this a good starter setup? Features: Board: 31” x 7.75” 9 ply Maple Deck with 80S Full Grip Tape. Trucks: Renner 135 Coloured Trucks with Carbon Steel Axles and 95a cushions. Hardware: Renner Super Soft Risers and 1” Renner Posi Hardware. Wheels: 53 x 31mm 95a PU Rubber Renner Flame Wheels Bearings. Abec 5
whatsisface Danny10 years ago
That all depends on what you want from it. I recommend that you check out this site to find exactly what you want.
Danny (author)  whatsisface10 years ago
okay i have chosen my board and am getting it tommorow that site really helped me out a lot =]

what do u think?

green, blue, orange or =PINK!=
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