somebody please come up with a rasberry, blueberry, strawberry,milk,ice-cream,peanut-butter honey milkshake.all i want to know is how would i make a smoothie with theese ingridients.thank you.

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JM19993 years ago



Throw them all in a blender. done :) I feel like the peanut butter might not work with the other ingredients, but you never know until you try!

rjamallo3 years ago

There is a a good site I came across which will answer all your smoothies questions.

LILhazY8 years ago
just stick them in the blender a whizz 'em up and ahh i gotta ask why such strange ingredients for a smoothie
dwhp (author)  LILhazY8 years ago
and which order would that be in?
dwhp (author)  LILhazY8 years ago
me and my friends were messing with those at school, (Not ice cream, peanutbutter, and honey, but you get the idea)