sniper pistol

any ideas for a high powered sniper pistol. it would be a really high powered pistol the is very accurite

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smidge14710 years ago
u shud make a sniper rifle it would look kewler
nick.z (author)  smidge14710 years ago
i wanted to make a rifle but it seems like the shorter the barrel is the farther it will shoot because i built a rifle and it shot 20 feet, but the i made the barrel half as long and it shot over 40 feet with the same rubber band.
loveleetnk nick.z10 years ago
The longer the barrel the more velocity and the straighter the tragectory other wise every one would carry pistols in the war
gotja loveleetnk10 years ago
that would be halarious ever soldire carring like a deagle or mac 11 or glock or berreta lol
its because with a longer barrel the rod will have more friction for a longer period of time that said, a longer barrel would make it more accurate though
ashchetm10 years ago
just a question, but in a knex gun the only advantage to a longer barrel is accuracy, right?
nick.z (author)  ashchetm10 years ago
yes but the longer the barrel is the faster you have to make it shoot to take advantage of that.
yeah because the longer barrel is the more friction is pull on to the bullet
but then longer barrel means more accuracy cuz it travles straight for a longer time also you can put more rubberbands to fix that
I don't think there's any advantage at all to long barrels as the bullet is leaving the same kind of orifice whether or not it passed through 40 more connectors to reach the same end. Unless the lengh of the barrel is related to how much power the weapon can have, which is the case with Oodalumps's rail cannon.

In some of the K'nex sniper rifles on this site, the elongated front end is actually much wider open than the tiny opening deeper within the gun that the K'nex rod was shot out from. These wide-opening outer barrels are cosmetic and do not improve performance.

Most small K'nex guns (this is a sniper PISTOL thread so I'm keeping this relevant) have an unavoidable recoil shock during their firing where, if it were put into slow motion you could see, the main rubber bands driving the firing pin push the pin forward, but also pull the gun backward as the rubber band is pulling both things together. When the pin hits, the gun then bucks forwards again as it takes the firing pin's impact. The hand holding the K'nex gun is the fulcrum of this motion, and it is this up/down action that causes even high-power K'nex guns to have friction within the barrel during firing.

I personally think that the sooner the K'nex gun lets go of its ammo, the cleaner the shot.

With K'nex, it's not the same as pushing a bullet out of a barrel under an expanding force of compressed gasses at extreme velocity. The reasons why real sniper rifles need long, rifled barrels don't quite apply with K'nex, where a short, blunt barrel works just fine. K'nex guns would need to be a hundred times more powerful before we have to worry about barrel lengh increasing accuracy.
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