so what's everyone riding here?

I think I have close to eleven bikes in my garage right now (sort of unfortunately), though I only really ride three. for road/ commuting, I have a pacific voyager toys-r-us mountain bike that I converted into sort of a timetrialing singlespeed, complete with a shimano 400 crankset, profile aerobars, champion bullhorns, a look carbon fork, alex 700cs with hutchinson tires, and lots of other ridiculous things that don't belong on such a frame. I ride a diamondback venom park bike for bmx which I found at a garage sale for five bucks, not knowing just how good it actually was and my gary fisher bitter has been decommissioned due to a faulty front hub which blew out my axle and almost ruined my fork, so I'm slinging around a specialized rockhopper on the trails whose back wheel I destroyed and as a result, I've replaced it with a wheel off a peice of crap magna my friend left at my house a while back. I've got several others, but these are my ladies. they come and go quite often for me, but that's what happens. so what are you riding?!

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A Sears Roebuck Free spirit 10 speed in excellent condition.
Goodhart6 years ago
When I was a wee striper, oh about 26 years ago, I had an old half broken down English Touring bike (a sturdy heavy thing, made of reinforced steel, and not aluminum like the wimpy ones today). Because I got it 3rd hand, it was a little rusty, the brakes needed work, and the 3 speed gear changer was messed up (and the cable was broken). I worked on the brakes as the most important thing, and never fixed the "stuck in third gear" condition.....I just learned to adapt (built up my legs, for sure). I rode some fairly long distances with that bike......
TSC6 years ago
I ride this bike!
allenmt6 years ago
 a raider 21 speed
with a computer mounted on handles

dollardude6 years ago
I ride a custom BMX and a 18 speed decarlo MTB
some red thing from target
Willigan6 years ago
im a dirty unemployed dirt poor musician and i love bikes so i put this amazin bike together on the SUPERCHEAP 80's bianchi roadracer(free) turned fixie, canned satin green(6$), bianchi pista wheelset(free!) shimano 600 race cranks(5$) Rocket 46t chainring (30$) surly 18t cog(10$) some nice tires (free) shimano headset (free) syncros hinged track stem(free) all this nice free stuff? its mostly from bike shop dumpsters, and biker friends. $51 for a bike that would sell for around 600$. thats a sexy deal
geeker7 years ago
some sort of schwin mountain bike. not sure what kind, how old or what speed. but it was cheap. someone abandoned it in my front yard and i decided to fix it up enough to ride point a to point b. needs ne treads and tubes.
lol, schiwins are considered TRASH by my local bikeshop owner...
trash or not, it was free.
That's the best kind. At least you know you're getting your money's worth!
I found a couple of bikes in a skip bin. Great value!
That's the best kind!
Yeah, $15 for a new tyre and inner tube. Plus about $7 for a can of paint(pink wasn't my colour).
That's not bad, but yeah, pinks a real downer.
I painted it khaki green and black, with chrome hilights, I'll put up some pics when i find my camera
Sounds good. I like subdued colours!
lol, cool.
The older Schwinns were quite good. I think a lot of the new ones are made in CHina.
yeah, but he said they're out of date, and not good anymore... btw, i hope that wasn't an insult...............
Out of date is relative. The longer I live, the more I find that "new and improved", just means "shiny and more expensive".
More shiny and relatively less useful... My phone has a driving game that you play by leaning the phone side to side, I can upload songs by the moods happy, sad, fast, slow... First of all since when was fast considered a mood by anyone other than crackheads and speedfreaks and second of all if I'm in a mood of some kind of music I'll go find the song I want to listen to. It's credentials as a phone are good though the fact that it's all futuristic and shiny on the front and when you open it the number keys look like rotodial buttons implores me to wonder if the are reasons the designers added the moods fast and slow...
KentsOkay7 years ago
A cheap shockless mountain bike, and an old schiwin road bike in good condition.
skunkbait7 years ago
'73 Harley 1000.....Oh, You meant bicycles?!!
bumpus7 years ago
1996 Diamondback Viper. White. :D
redline bmx bike...
REDNEK7777 years ago
my feet
a red and silver, something.... i found it behind fred meyer a few years ago.
DJ Radio8 years ago
What kind of bike?
mountain bike plus I drink vault and mountain dew
mountain dew!!! I drank one today (lol, don't I always?)
yeah, i have a skateboard, but I'm not good, and my city is not urban enough to do tricks...
my city
You actually own a city?!?

What is your city called?
no, I live in the city, but the city has not enough obstacles
Ahh... Thanks.
Yeah, and cars are just too dangerous as obstacles :-)
ya think?
just being facetious ;-)
LOL! Very specific.
BigBoiZero7 years ago
Well my main bike is a GT Avalanche 2.0 with judy II forks. y next project is a 1980 Schwinn I got off of my friends uncle for three dollars. If everything goes the way I want it to I may get it done today.
i have a black market mob, transition bottlerocket, fit flow park, and a giant cadex road bike
ry259207 years ago
I want to buy an electric bike to get a job, but it's a tad expensive. Range: 20 miles Speed:17 Mph Price: $400( $100 dollars to ship) Not bad for this kind of bike
Nkevin90 (author) 7 years ago
just got a new mongoose. ha haa. but I promise it's nothing you'd find at a department store. 7.5 inch downhill bike- black diamond single. surprisingly, I like the fork on it a lot.
I'm actually looking to buy one. Hopefully tomorrow. The one I'm looking at seems pretty decent - it's a Schwinn Ranger. (I think it's actually a girl's bike... which is a little weird but I suppose I am pretty small. The bigger sizes didn't work so well for me.) I figure I don't need anything fancy at first, just a bike to see if I can stick with it. I figure biking will be much better on my body instead of running, anyway. :P
Gjdj3s Dad8 years ago
My son says the forums are the place to be on Instructables so I thought I'd come comment here. I ride a Cannondale Super V. It's old and discontinued but it still rides very well.
Gjdj38 years ago
For mountain biking I ride a Specialized Stump Jumper (This took like two years + birthday money to save for. TOTALLY WORTH IT!). Then, for road biking I ride my dad's Cannondale BadBoy.
At the moment I'm riding a cheap giant, boulder... I'm pretty impressed with it so far, hardtail. Shimano Acera 24 speed set, SR suntour forks, ok a little squishy at times. Truvativ crankset... Generic Kenda knobblies (haven't worn out yet) It's a cheap bike but I still use it to a lot more than it's preconcieved potential, shredding pricier bikes on both trails and the roads, it drives racers nuts when I go for it on a cycle path and crush them... I also have a landrover hybrid bike, it's my brothers but he doesn't use it, all stock stuff, not amazing but it's pretty fast, steering is a bit weird, the combination of road forks and flat bars isn't great. Also sitting there is a Giant Rock, which is a slightly smaller frame and is my youngest brothers, it's not half bad, I use it for the odd bit of jumping because my giant sits tall enough to be a danger...
Plasmana8 years ago
I am riding a bike that is called "falcon" and it it 18 speed.
shooby8 years ago
1980's Dawes Lightning, converted to 7-spd.
Just an old bike that I got from a yard sale. Nothing special.
wreckerman8 years ago
i am new to site anyone got info on mongoose blackcomb mt bike? bought it for general transportation,but front forks seem to soft? i have them as firm as they will go. but still seem to soft, also i am thinking about going to a sold front fork, i am about 245 lbs.
Nkevin90 (author)  wreckerman8 years ago
my friend has it; all I can say is that the stancions make me laugh, considering how narrow they are. I remember it was pretty plush though. look around on ebay under the brands RST, Suntour, Spinner, and maybe mozo- if you look hard enough, you might find something pretty decent. I know it has disc brakes, meaning you'd need to find a rigid fork with a 1/8 inch steerer tube and post mounts on the bottom of the leg. stuff like that is usually as much as a cheap suspension fork. I got a Suntour XC 100 shipping inclusive, for thirty bucks. thirty bucks, at my front door, and I got a decent shock. nothing personal, but I'm sure it's better than the one on your blackcomb, but it's still not top notch stuff. oh, but for general transportation, it'd be perfect. personally, I think it's not a bad trail bike for the money at all- it has heaps of cool stuff on it, but I think it's way overkill for a commuter. I might make an instructable for it because it's really not hard, but if you're handy, I say take an old road or mountain bike frame (you'll want it to be rigid, because less moving parts mean better power to ground transfer), get some new tires, take off all the deraileurs, and turn it into a singlespeed. less gears are really nice once you get used to it.
Nkevin90 thanks for the info,i looked at the fork you got. was able to buy at the local bike shop for a few buks more got it installed made all difference in world. is like a whole new bike, let me know if you do the instructable you mentioned. stay in contact, later from s.e. indiana
PKM8 years ago
At the moment, a crappy generic J-bike bought for 25 squid as a runaround. It has a shiny new bottom bracket and back wheel bearing because they had both been abused by the previous owner, but it's generally in a fairly sorry state. Never mind- riding a lot of miles on underinflated knobblies is good for the muscles :)

That was bought as a stopgap while I'm trying to get my primary bike (stock '07 GT Aggressor, nice 6061 frame but slightly unenthusiastic squidgy forks) fixed up after breaking the mech hanger and derailleur while downhilling- that was a year ago and not much progress, stupid GT parts suppliers :(
(By the way, if anyone knows for certain the letter code of the mech hanger on an '07 GT Aggressor or where I could find it, I'd be most pleased)

However those may soon become yesterday's news as I'm expecting to have a spangly new '08 Yamaha YBR125 by this weekend :D
Nkevin90 (author)  PKM8 years ago
no shop anywhere would condone this, but if you're handy and have extra parts lying around, maybe try this. I know the aggressor is a nice bike and you might be apprehensive to doing this considering that, but just for the record, I completely destroy trails on an 05 rockhopper which I've outfitted with a similar setup. you'll need an old solid axle of the same diameter as the one currently in the rear hub and any old deraileur hanger. switch out the hardware and make it so there's one more washer or nut on the side with the cassette. go ahead and stick the deraileur hanger in between a washer and a nut on the axle, then tighten the whole thing down. it's pretty bobo, but works for sure :D
well i got my old bike (norco sasquatch) but now i have my new 08 p1. i got a dx32 on the back, which im probably gunna get on the front too, im getting some new cranks put on it, some red pedals to match the hubs, and possibly lighter tires if i have some extra money lying around. specs are: FRAME Specialized 100% Cr-Mo, double-butted HT/DT, externally relieved HT, disc mount, 6mm offset horizontal drop out for 26" wheel w/ replaceable 98954020 alloy hanger, disc only REAR SHOCK N/A FORK Marzocchi DJ3, 100mm, 32mm Cr-Mo stanchions and 1 1/8" Cr-Mo steerer, fixed rate catridge damping, coil/mcu w/ preload adj, "stiff" spring HEADSET Tank FX, 1 1/8" threadless w/ hollow bolt STEM Truvativ Hussefelt, forged alloy, 31.8mm, 0 degree rise HANDLEBARS Specialized butted alloy 31.8mm, 640mm wide, 50mm rise, 8 degree back, 8 degree up sweep TAPE/GRIPS Specialized Enduro, dual density Kraton FRONT BRAKE Avid BB-5, mechanical disc, 6" G2 Clean Sweep rotor REAR BRAKE Avid BB-5, mechanical disc, 6" G2 Clean Sweep rotor BRAKE LEVERS Avid FR-5 FRONT DERAILLEUR N/A REAR DERAILLEUR N/A SHIFT LEVERS N/A CASSETTE FREEWHEEL 1/2"x3/32"x16t Cr-Mo cog w/ Shimano spline and conversion spacers CHAIN KMC Z-610H, 1/2" x 3/32" CRANKSET Fuse tubular heat treated Cr-Mo 3pc, 175mm CHAINRINGS 34A w/ poly bash guard BOTTOM BRACKET Fuse Euro, alloy cups, 4x cartridge bearings, 19mm heat treated Cr-Mo 8 spline spindle PEDALS Specialized alloy platform, 9/16" RIMS Specialized/Alex HRD 26, double wall disc w/ eyelets FRONT HUB Specialized P.Disc, CNC high flanges and disc mounts, 36h, nutted 3/8" axle REAR HUB Specialized P.Disc, cassette, CNC high flanges and disc mounts, 36h, nutted 3/8" axle SPOKES 1.8mm (15g) stainless FRONT TIRE Specialized Rhythm Control, 26x2.3", 60TPI, aramid bead REAR TIRE Specialized Compound Control, 26x2.2", 60TPI, aramid bead TUBES Specialized schraeder valve SADDLE Specialized Fuse, 8mm rails, PVC bumpers front and rear SEAT POST Specialized two bolt, no offset, micro adjust, 30.9mm SEAT BINDER integrated w/ replaceable single bolt i got a pretty good deal on it too. 800 bucks for it without any taxes.
Nkevin90 (author)  teaaddict3148 years ago
truee. same with my fisher which msrp'ed at 930something and I got for 500 without taxes. then the seals on the fork broke (never get a stance static, EVER) and manitou sent me a minute elite @ 110-140 mil for free. and everything continues to break on it, and it's just too ridiculously heavy to do anything aside from jump, and it appears that it doesn't want to be jumped seeing as everything keeps breaking on it, and I'm really not a harsh rider. anyway, I've never heard anything bad about the P bikes aside from the P.2 is the most overused entry freeride mountain bike ever. ha haa. looks good though man.
eh, the frame has good geo, but the parts arent great...