solar energy using photons

 (( the opposite of gravity is radiation . there for light is radiation . which cary photons . now if you have a turbine in a vacume filed with a gas (mecury )the photon will heat the gas making a presusre that will turn the turbine but i was thinking. add a denamo to the shaft insde the vacume . when mecury heats it expands .at lest try to make 12 volts add a capsitor -to gel batteries -  transformer from 12v to 120v now modify the transistor to make 220 . havent found any info longest there is light from the moon or the sun it will work. ive discused this with enginerr they think this might just work . all the variables are here
any sugestions fell free to ask


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lemonie6 years ago

Please call a service engineer, report error code #549 : comprehensibility conflict.

Goodhart6 years ago
I saw Solar Energy Using Photons and nearly spit my coffee all over my computer moniter LOL
kelseymh6 years ago
Wow. This isn't even wrong. Just a wonderful string of sciency-sounding words strung together.
Kiteman6 years ago
  • Radiation is the opposite of absorption.
  • Light *is* photons.
  • A vacuum filled with gas is not a vacuum.
If you want to obtain mechanical work from sunlight, look into solar stirling engines, or something like Wally Minto's Wonder Wheel.
Another way to get mechanical power from solar would be a Radiometer. I think the sci-fi movie pitch black uses this as a power source for buildings and vehicles.