solar lighting help!!!

I am seeking advice and or instructions. my hobby is stained glass, i am now doing hanging lanterns which i wish to light with solar same as garden solar lighting, but i wish to make it so i can have soler panel seperate form lantern. any advice or link for the supplies , parts etc. is welcome. thanks and have a great day.

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doo da do9 years ago
I have seen an instructable like this was used but wired it for a night llight in the bathroom, solar panels on roof
oobadooba9 years ago
I just bought a 4 light solar set with separate panel for about 20USD at the hardware store I work at (minus my discount :-)). I took out the board with the LEDs and mounted it in an funky old porch light I had and mounted the panel up near the shed roof. Works great. I'm putting together an Instructable on it, just need to find the time.
westfw10 years ago
You can currently get good deals on the solar panels that VW is using to keep the batteries in new cars charged during shipping and storage. Try an eBay search for VW SOLAR. Going price seem to be less than $20 each (plus shipping) which compares pretty nicely to the $4/W that wikipedia claims is the current price for "large" installations (which this isn't.)
rickharris10 years ago
Good solar Pnls are hard to get (here in the UK anyway) at a reasonable cost - By far cheaper is to buy cheap solar garden lights and cannibalise them. That way you get the total working system often for a few £ or $
That's actually a really expensive way to do it. You'd be paying about 7 dollars for about 2.5 square inches.

You'll want to get solar panels, and wire them to a battery. Then use that battery for the lights.

something like that might work for you.