Need DIY plans for a "auto sun tracker" for my solar projects. Once saw one using a bottle of propane. Does anybody else remember this?

Orngrimm5 years ago
never seen the propane...
I used (back a few years) s very simple sunchaser:
I consisted of 4 separate cones with a photodetector in each.
Then the simple task for a small microprocessor was to try to avoid the light in every come. If that was the case and no cone had light at the bottom the center of the complete constraptionw as alignet to the sun. uses the same principle. is a simpler version with only 1 axis but the same principle. looks a LOT like mine, but uses 5 cones instead of 4 like mine.
So your looking for a strictly mechanical way to track the son without the need for electronics?

There are simple electronic options out there that don't cost much. Here is a pretty good one for you.