solder mask

is a solder mask just pcb laquer? like you could make your own solder masks?

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hag8 years ago
Adding a solder mask does a lot more that just "looknice."  It does what it's name implies, it masks the solder,keeping it from getting on anything but the exposed pads.  With asolder mask you can create a really densely paked board with many tracesrunning next to a pad or under a SMT component and not worry aboutshorting to the traces when soldering the board.  It is also almostmandatory when doing a fin pitch no lead part.  Whithout the soldermask, it is almost impossible to get the solder paste to reflowproperly and not cause shorts to nearby pins.  I have found thatsoldering to a board is far easier with a solder mask, especially whenusing SMT.
azarpisces9 years ago
Have an idea to share... if we get a print out of just pads and vias layer using eagle schematic editor on a photopaper and tranfer it to the copper side of the already etched pcb and then spray some kind of green resist mask it will be an easier way to get solder resist masking done. the imp part is to find a spray type solder resist masks. i dont have such thing available in local market.
green mask.jpg
guyfrom7up (author) 9 years ago
Bringing this topic up again, so... how can I tinplate the PCB's?
do you have to? as long as the copper is unbroken, people can tin the board themselves.
guyfrom7up (author)  tech-king9 years ago
yeah, but it just makes boards look more profesional and makes them be able to solder right away, plus no (well, next to) corrosion. I found a thing called liquid tin by mg chemicals It would make boards like 3 cents more expensive per square inch, but (well to be quite honest) it would bring in more profit than without it.
unless they are working with smts, tinning really isnt essential.
guyfrom7up (author)  tech-king9 years ago
you're right, but soldering with everything pre-tin is much more fun than normal soldering, the first time I soldered a PCB that wasn't made by me was the boarduino kit and it was a joy to solder.
. You ought to be able to build a wave solder bath that would do the job. Me: probably not. You: I bet you can.
im hoping to get a boarduino. do you need the cd pack, or just the boarduino and the cable?
lollu9 years ago
I make my "silk screens" at home too. idea's simple-when toner transfer works on one side, why not on the other? I print the silk screen layer mirrored on a laser printer and transfer it using iron box to the top side of the board. Not sure if its "professional" enough, but definitely solves my purpose-i never look back at the schematic when soldering. oh ya, the silk screen will be black and not white :-)
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