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I am planning several Halloween props that will benefit bigly from sound effects. For instance...I'm working on a mantel version of the demonic grandfather clock in Disney's Haunted Mansion. It would be awesome to have the sound of the ominous ticking, backed with a chime, that the "real" clock has. This could be an audio loop of just a few seconds. Some of the other parts of my scheme would be enhanced with short loops of sound effects or mood music...a minute or two at most. I don't have a background in electronics, but I can follow directions. Any advice on constructing a few, small sound effects modules?


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Downunder35m7 months ago

You can find a lot of cheap modules on Ebay.
Some as a bare circuit board, others with a case, battery holder and all.
Sound quality differs so it pays off to check the specs carefully.
Should be easy enough to modify any on-off/play buttons to your needs...

Purple Chez (author)  Downunder35m6 months ago

Thanks! What would a good search term be? Soundboard?

Don't know, maybe the obvious like sound module record play?
Gives things like this for example:

If you need longer times, bigger batteries or so just scroll until you find what suits your needs....

Purple Chez (author)  Downunder35m6 months ago

thanks! I fould some great stuff thanks to these leads

You can try the Adafruit soundboard, they also have small class D amps.

Like Downunder35m says, there are cheap alternatives available on eBay. Another option are those audio greetings card kits where you can record your own sounds.

Purple Chez (author)  ThirdEarthDesign6 months ago

They look so cool!!! Thanks for this lead!!!