stamping on leather

hey I wanna stamp on leather i know how to do that but my problem is i wanna create my own logo for the stamp and i can go and buy a iron stamp so i can stamp on leather but then it is not my own logo so i wanna create my own logo on a iron stamp just like the picture below or something like that or is there a nother way to stamp on leather?

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This video link will get you started.

isaac!8 years ago
i was also planning to try this, im gonna use wire, and bend/ solder it into my initials. then ill heat it in a flame and press into my wallet. (take my plethora of cash out first!)  i did no research, but when the cow is alive this works, so...
CaseBoy isaac!7 years ago
haha so true
Dandie7 years ago
A little idea. If you don’t need exclusiveness this could be useful. Because of  stamping tools are expensive or sometimes not available (It depends on the country you are in) I create logos to stamp patterns on leather taking advantage of some discarded old forged tools or valves bodies, or other steel pieces which have stamped protruding letters, figures. on their handles, body sides, etc. I cut the part I like with a metal hand saw and weld the back side of it to a steel rod. To make the pattern I lean the patterned tip of the bar against the leather surface and hammer on the other tip, also it is possible to heat the shaped tip and burn the leather. If you search carefully you can find very interesting forged shapes or figures that may show very well when stamped on leather.
jtobako11 years ago
"hey I wanna stamp on leather. i know how to do that but my problem is i wanna create my own logo for the stamp. ( and ) i can go and buy a iron stamp (so i can stamp on leather) but then it is not my own logo. so i wanna create my own logo on a iron stamp just like the picture below or something like that . (or) is there a nother way to stamp on leather?" ok, punctuation makes things much easier. if you can't say the entire thing without taking a breath, you need punctuation. first, a logo doesn't have to be a single stamp. it can be broken up into several different parts, like the outline and the lettering. you can buy letter stamps, then use them in your logo design one at a time. short of casting your own, you could create the design with a wire, then glue that down to something and use it as a stamp. it will wear out fairly quickly as the glue gives way, but it will work for a while.
shat01 (author)  jtobako11 years ago
the logo that i want to create can not be reproduced with stamps you can buy. the letters can but i have a font that i want to use that you cant buy. the wire idea sounds good but i think its gonna be hard for the small logo that i have. I have read about metal casting i dont know if this is expencife i would like to gife it a try but i dot know how to create a mold and all the other things.
jtobako shat0111 years ago
something to try, no promises on how long it'll work. draw your logo in a piece of clay. don't go very deep, push into the clay rather than drag across it. get some epoxy, the kind in the double tube-preferably the 24 hour type because it's stronger. mix some up and carefully fill in your design. put some sort of block on the back to streanthen it. let it sit for the full cure time. if you are carefull, you should get a reasonable stamp out of this. it may take more than one try because of air bubbles or the clay sticking to the epoxy. be gentile with the stamp, it won't be as strong as metal. if you can't draw your logo in the clay, it's to small. try something more realistic. real clay sould be wet when the epoxy goes on, i don't know how epoxy will react to polymer clay (sculpy/premo/fimo) or plasticine (oil base, never dries out). some chemicals can keep epoxy from hardening. you may need to find a different clay or epoxy combo.
i managed to say all that in one breath. to the OP, there are places that will cast one for you, but its expensive. And doing it yourself is just not possible, you'll need the iron, some kind of laser cutter to make the mold, something that can heat the iron into liquid, loads of safety gear, a crucible for pouring would cost way more to make then to buy..