star wars lego

one day i decided to take out my tonnes of lego i had in my attic and after seeing a star wars lego hailfire droid selling for £100! i decided to make my own models, i also noticed that the models that were being sold by lego didnt use many original parts, so i have made my models and shall i post them? your call!

Picture of star wars lego
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stayhungry8 years ago
Great, make more
lol the x wing and snow speeder are great!! ( mini clone thing )
Little clone.bmp
Vynash9 years ago
wooooooo post them all they rock :)
its a lion9 years ago
i love the snowspeeder and the x-wing. good job.
Kiteman9 years ago
If you took lots of pictures (or isn't there a free software download to design your own models in the same format of the Lego instruction booklets?), then go for it - they look really close to the film versions, ~~and it certainly makes a change from all the K'nex guns~~.
Mepain Kiteman9 years ago
Correction: and it certainly makes a change from all the boring K'nex guns that are copies. +P
Brennn109 years ago
Those are really good. Maybe you could document what you did and make it into an Instructable? The slide show option is also available, post your pictures up that way!
bedbugg2 (author)  Brennn109 years ago
i didnt know about the slideshow, il try next time :)