startpage looks weird

Hey, i haven't been on instructables for maybe 4 days when everything was fine, but now i only get a f***in big picture of some arm and sum tools and a bunch of smashed layout. What's up?

Picture of startpage looks weird
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Luziviech (author) 4 years ago
...but i'd find it useful, if sumone overworked this text-form. BB-codes and an edit-function would be awesome.
O-Budd-14 years ago
As a senior citizen, I find the constant "updating" of various websites bothersome. Not everyone is tech-savvy enough to handle the constant revamps when they're really not needed ... yes, I'm one who isn't tech-savvy.

IMHO, all websites, including "Instructables", "Yahoo", etc., need to consider their lesser savvy users a bit more ... I preferred the previous site over this new one. For me, navigation was easier, the pictures gave a quick preview to aid with choices.

Plus, a lot of seniors don't have the "latest and greatest" operating systems ... A dear friend still uses Win95 and doesn't want to change. The problem? Now a lot of sites no longer load for her.

How about a link back to the old site for those who prefer it for it's simplicity?


mikeasaurus4 years ago
Looks like you loaded the site while we were doing a new release of the site. Clear your cache and refresh the page, it should be stable now.
Luziviech (author)  mikeasaurus4 years ago
yea thanx, everything's fine now.
lindarose924 years ago
I had the same problem but it looks perfect now...I love the new look!
Luziviech (author) 4 years ago
Win7 64bit, firefox 19.0.2 and my monitor can't deal with more than 1024x768.
Kiteman4 years ago
There's a problem with a layout update.

Can you add your operating system and browser?