steampunk necklaces

hi i was wondering if any one can link me to a tutorial on how to make a steampunk style necklaces for guys to wear plzz thanx dude

Fire Mountain Gems has tons of steampunk parts for jewelry.  Here is a link for the search with over 700 hit results.  That should help to get you started with lots of ideas. 
rockgod577 years ago
I saw a steampunk jewelry book at borders so you might have some luck finding a necklace there (i think i saw 1 in there, idk)
Kiteman7 years ago
I don't think there is one.

Your best option would be to browse the various steampunk projects on the site, and cherry-pick ideas and techniques that you could apply to your own work.

Take plenty of photos as you make your necklace, and publish your own tutorial to inspire others.