stewart platform with firgelli linear actuator using arduino codeing help!

I am building a stewart platform as part of a larger assembly to accuratly position an object in all six degrees (transition in x,y,z) and rotation about each of these (pitch, yaw, roll). I plan to use an arduino board and 6 firgelli linear actuators. Any help on how to go about programming this would be a great help, or if anyone knows of any open source code so that I do not have to do the reverse kinematics as Im not strong enough in math to do so.

ive attached a pic screenshot of my design.

Picture of stewart platform with firgelli linear actuator using arduino codeing help!
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DharmeshB21 year ago

I work on this project. I download some firmware from

so u download compatible firmware from

bladeless4 years ago
Hello, I saw a similar project in this forum:
, though no topics display for me right now.

The stewart platform for sale on the same site has this pointer to arduino source code:

I'd like to do something similar, but am thinking of using a BeagleBone Black and LinuxCNC. I haven't found a suitable driver board for 6+ motors yet; might need to roll my own.
zerax4 years ago
Here is open source code using an inverse kinematics approach. At X-Sim you can get some help on electronics, you have to register to get access to X-Sim software. Just start a 6DOF post in
I suspect that LinuxCNC would run it just fine, but that won't run on an Arduino. I bet it would run on a Pi though
caitlinsdad5 years ago
I can't say if it is too ambitious as a first project but look through instructables on cnc machines and 3D printers. They have to get the machine head to go X,Y,Z and that is tough enough.