strange 3D shapes

I need help to find a 3D shape with 7 sides/faces Any help?? Feel free to name any other strange shapes while your at it.

jtobako9 years ago
Do the sides have to be flat? You could make a segmented sphere/football with seven panels.
oskay9 years ago
Take a cube and grind one corner of it flat. (Dice will work....)
ti112 (author) 9 years ago
also a net diagram would be helpful oh.. and the shape should be regular (the values of the lengths must equal each other)
Patrik ti1129 years ago
Actually, regular means that both the edges and the faces are all the same shape. But there's only nine regular polyhedra, and none of them have 7 faces.

If you only need the edges to be of the same length, one easy solution is a 5-sided prism.