student arrested for camera tazer... are dangerous instructables acceptable?

Well, a 14 year old boy in Connecticuit was arrest for modifing a disposable camera into a tazer, making it into a weapon. Well you may have noticed that instuctables shows multiply how to's on this very weapon. My question is, should dangerous and illegal instructables be tollerated on this site? I think anything that dangerous, or illegal should be taken off the site even though they are just for "informational purposes". I'm not saying that it is instructables or any authors of those instructions fault, but i think that there have to be more guild lines for what is acceptable.

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I don't think it's Instructables' responsibility what people do with their free time and free will. You can read the information on this site but no one is forcing you to make or do anything. I believe that the culture that Instructables is based around (the DIY community, hackers, gamers, geeks, etc.) is by nature, rebelious. So to remove "illegal" instructables would slightly detract from the spirit of the website. But that's just my take on the whole thing. Random side note: The high school I went to (actually, the San Diego City School district) blocks Instructables. When you try to access a blocked site it gives you the reason. The reason for Instructables was "Extremist, militarist..." plus a few other keywords I forgot.
starwing1236 years ago
Why? Do you have no idea of constitutional rights? The idea of the first amendment is free speech. The government cannot censor the content of the thing being published. The state should have no legal authority over what people post. However, instructables may censor things if it wants to, being a private website. But I feel that it would be against the point of the website. It is to explore how to build homemade objects. Whether they may be legal or not, they should be kept. Also, how is a "taser" illegal? Tasers generally don't require licenses to own anyway.
JustModIt6 years ago
hmmmm... i think that if dangerous or illegal ibles were taken off, a good chunk of ibles will be gone...but thats just my opinion.
One why would he take it to school and 2 he knew the risk
Steamdnt8 years ago
The only thing that I would say about making a taser is that you NEED to shock yourself with a full blast. That usually will instill some knowledge of how it feels to be tazed.
I agree! I shocked my self with 300 volts DC and it hurt like hell.
Hey the cops here have to be Tazed and Pepper sprayed as part of the training, So they know what it feels like.... (( Typically they are not shot with probes, they just get clipped on, but they get the shocking for five seconds ))
Labot20018 years ago
The kid wouldn't have been arrested if the cops hadn't seen it. Bottom line: if he's not responsible enough to use it properly, it's his own fault. These kind of instructables should stay up so that they can be used properly by responsible people.
hedgiehog (author) 9 years ago
i'm talking dangerous like a weapon, something only to hurt others, like the tazer. I have nothing againt the dangerous to yourself stuff, its the things that can only hurt other people. if the thing werent dangerous than there wouldnt be a point to instructables
. Weapons don't hurt/kill people, people hurt/kill people. It sounds rather trite, nowadays, but it's true. . Should we cut off everyones' fingers so they can't strangle others? Ban cars? Can I not fertilize my yard with ammonium nitrate, just because some ppl can make a bomb out of it? &c, &c, ad nauseum.
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