stuff that's usually in your pockets

what do you carry in your pockets all the time? for me its my wallet, permanent marker, thumb drives, ipod, phone, rubber bands, keys, scissors, paperclips, the metal things in the middle of floppy disks, mini torch and (sometimes) a deck of cards.

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kelseymh8 years ago
Ah, precious...what does he have in his pocketses?
He stole it from us!
Ok Gollum
cellphone, lighter, cigarettes and coins. I like to make my pockets less busy.
klwilkes4 years ago
cellphone , padlock, earphones, change, dollar bill or two, driver's license, 2 cards,
keys, fob for work key, hair ties, braces , glasses, tissue, dental floss, aspirin,
pen, that's all folks.
forgot small flashlight and Epi- pen usually. also sunglasses. coat has lotsa pockets, bought coat for 19.00 it carries more than any backpack or other bag. k
Front Right: Wallet
Front left: Iphone with headphones
Rear left: comb and harmonica

Jacket inner pockets
Left breast: Flask filled with either peppermint schnapps or cinnamon whiskey and Cross Pen
Right breast: Altoids tin filled with basic first aid
Small pocket under breast: condom and small tin filled with actual mints
Lucky7x74 years ago
knife clipped in right front pocket, wallet right rear,nothing left rear, phone left front pocket, keys on belt loop.
Thrasym4 years ago
Wow, you people carry lots of stuff in your pockets on a regular basis.

I've got a wallet, keys, cell phone, zero tolerance 350 (knife), and a Mongolian coin I've carried around since high school (even I don't understand why at this point). Once in a while I'll have a USB flash drive too. Sometimes I switch out the knife with my leatherman MUT, if I want to be more "survivalist", generally when I'm out and about with my son.
Goodhart9 years ago
Left front pocket: 2 sets of keys (in case I lock one set in the car or house....don't laugh, I have done it way too often not to carry two sets...), and pill bottle for my meds.
Right front pocked: notes for me written when I was away from a computer, my nitro-spray, a pocket knife, a paper clip, a plastic change holder (saves wear on the pocket from change), and a cell phone.

Shirt pocket, contains an eyeglass container that doubles as a pocket protector, a year calendar / notepad / planner, my card to get into work, and a pen.....I always have my pen, even if I DON'T have a pocket :-)
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