sugar syrup

i made candied citrus peel truned ot good but have a about a pint of syurp left [ with 500g of sugar and water] what can i use the syrup for apart from a fruit salad.
please help.

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Goodhart7 years ago

I like Kiteman's idea, but I would probably add a few drops of Maple Syrup Flavoring to it (if you LIKE maple syrup flavoring that is).

And if you do, then you can make "maple syrup flavored syrup" from it with the flavoring.

You can use it to Glaze hams;
OR placed in semi-permeable packets, it makes a great humectant for desiccation purposes, etc.

It is GREAT for fermentation purposes (whether the idea is to make drinkable alcohol like beers and wines, or to make cordials with alcohol, OR to make alcohol for fuel purposes - distilling required for tone one though).

It can add a slightly buttery tasted (corn syrup especially) if used instead of honey.
neetcooks (author)  Goodhart7 years ago
hello Goodhart
thank you for your tips. the Drinkable alcohol and cordials sounds really good but how would i do this can i google a recipie.?.
I think you might be able to find some recipes on line. As for making one's own alcohol, one wouldn't want to "drink it" if one distilled it and made it strong. If you mean adding it to say, Vodka, and some flavorings, one can make all kinds of drinks, if they can find the flavorings.
neetcooks (author)  Goodhart7 years ago
hello Goodhart
oooh yes i like the Vodka idea. thank you.xx
At one time I know I could get all kinds of flavorings to make different types of "drinks". B&B, schnopps, etc. from a cheap vodka base. I don't know if they are still available or not.
jen77147 years ago
You can make this since you already have the syrup. Making monkey bread would be good too. Or you can even use it to make custard. My recipe for that is here. :)

So many possibilities! :)
neetcooks (author)  jen77147 years ago
Jen 7714
oooh thank you. x.
Mix it with equal parts Tequila and lime juice, serve over ice.
neetcooks (author)  Tool Using Animal7 years ago
hello Tool Using Animal
yes i get some good ideas now. thank u. x
Kiteman7 years ago

How about making rock candy?
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